The Chamonix Ultra Golf is up and foremost the story of a culture, the story of an exceptional valley and of two different lifestyles which, even apart at first
glance decided to meet and join forces around the same values:

Focus, Abnegation, Self-awareness and
an Outstanding Team Spirit.

Because it is this way the highest peaks of the French Alps were conquered. Chamonix, the world capital of skiing and mountaineering, can draw up a drive-long list of many great pioneers, adventurers and performers who gave their names to so many channels in the massif! And, in a couple of decades, the notion of "Ultra" became a signature making the intensity of the effort a lifestyle and a style of practice. More recently, new "Ultra" performers covered the 100 miles around the Mont Blanc in less than 22 hours !

On the golf side, being "Ultra" has never really been part of the common vocabulary. In 1930, Chamonix decided to build its own golf course to turn resort owners' desire to please anglo-saxon clientele into a reality. Bearing a sophisticated image, golf is the sport of choice of the upper crust and tourists. Nonetheless, the recent democratization of this sport of leisure is radically modifying this established fact. Regarded as demanding and untamable, it generates passions beyond preconceived ideas. The golf of Chamonix is now composed of players with multiple and varied profiles, representing many nationalities allowing the course to enjoy international popularity.

It is the way golf and mountains have lived together in a valley where they originally had few things in common. The passions of some were quite distant from the passion of others, but time worked its magic...

Victory at the cost of effort

And yet, surpassing oneself entails legitimacy : to climb up a majestic peak or scoring
during competition… Great success is definitely at the cost of effort making victory
much more rewarding. Every great golf champion will tell you:

One must last to score, and must score to last!

So is the price for success. By adding a more physical, intense approach to golf, the style of the Chamonix Ultra Golf slightly pushes the ways and customs and changes established rules.
It gets closer to what moutains command in terms of roughness and setting up priorities. But it also adds a strong team notion to it where helping each other, cooperation, decision-making and results will be shared by both players! It is similar to what a roped party savoring a conquered summit does…

The Chamonix Ultra Golf will be a concentrate of common values united around an intense and selective competition format. You will play three times 18 holes, three distinct game options and three different stakes for complementary players in teams and individually performing.

Friday, July 11, 1st round :

18 holes - Two-player Scramble

The scramble is a collective game option. Both players in the team hit their ball individually. After consultation, the best located ball is selected and players keep on hitting from that point. This goes on until the final putting. The scramble is the option of complementarity between two players of the same team

Friday, July 11, 2nd round :
18 holes - Four balls, best ball

The Four Balls, Best Ball option is another collective game option. Each player hits his ball. Only the best score of each team is taken into consideration for each hole. The Four Balls, Best Ball is a demanding option in which a player must know how to make up for a lower or poor performance for its partner. The first two rounds will be played during the course of the first day

Saturday, July 12, 3rd round :
18 trous - Combined Individual Scores

The team's scores will be added together. Failing will be unforgivable, to stay united you will have! Added physical performance will top the extreme expectation that golfing commands. The perfect alchemy will probably be a compromise between acknowledged risks and mastered risks. This will take being "Ultra" advisedly!